The teenage years are marked by a lot of physical changes, with the mouth being one that many may not think of. During childhood and through adolescence, teeth can crowd each other, come in crooked and even irritate the gums. When this occurs, it can be easy for parents to become discouraged or worried that the problem will persist throughout the rest of the a child's life, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

There are many treatment options available for correcting orthodontic problems. These include Invisalign, ceramic and metal braces. But another treatment option we offer here at KidsBracesNYC is iBraces. 

iBraces, also known as lingual braces, may be the perfect fit for your teen. iBraces are capable of correcting a smile without any sign of actually wearing braces. They are the only 100 percent customizable fixed braces system in the U.S. Each bracket is made using top-quality technology to create a personalized fit for every tooth. The brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth, invisible to everyone except your teen. After a brief period of adjustment, both eating and talking will become easier. 

iBraces require less wire adjustments, meaning fewer orthodontic appointments that can cut into school and sports. In addition, each bracket is made using gold, so it won't bother those that have nickel allergies. 

One of the best aspects of iBraces is the fact that, because they are located on the inside of the teeth, they will leave no marks or traces of decalcification due to bad brushing techniques or other issues. Once they are removed, the only noticeable change will be your teen's beautiful smile. 

Schedule an appointment with New York City pediatric orthodontist Dr. Tanya Vaysman today for more information on whether iBraces may be just what your teen needs.