Why are straight teeth so important? Straight teeth are more than just a cosmetic concern, especially for children. Although some kids may be embarrassed by their crooked teeth or crowded gums, parents should be more concerned about the effect this may have on overall oral health.

Kids are known for not being the best at brushing teeth, especially those that are younger in age. Throw crooked or overlapping teeth into the mix and oral health is set for disaster. Keeping teeth consistently clean when this occurs is next to impossible, creating the opportunity for plaque and infections to spring up quickly. 

If your child suffers from misaligned teeth or trouble chewing, braces should be your next step in care. What are some of the known benefits of braces for children?

  • Eating with ease: Properly aligned teeth will enable your child to chew more easily, breaking down their food into smaller pieces, which aids in better digestion. Some children may choose to not eat certain foods because they hurt their teeth, but with braces, this issue can be remedied. 
  • Head start on health: Although many adults are now choosing to be fitted with braces, wearing braces as a child is often thought of as easier. Treating issues early on can help alleviate greater problems down the road as well.
  • Numerous options: Unlike previous years, there are now a range of wearable braces available for your child's needs and desires. These options include metal braces, ceramic and less distinct choices such as Invisalign and iBraces. 

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