How can you be sure your child needs orthodontic treatment? There are many signs to look for during their development, as well as just daily life. When it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle for your child, the teeth should always be considered a part of their development. Although there is no set timetable for actual treatment, many parents choose to schedule an appointment before the double digits hit. 

At KidsBracesNYC, we recommend that parents bring their children in around their seventh birthday. At this age, it is possible to pick up on subtle changes or issues that may be plaguing their mouth, as well as determining any problems that could occur in the future.

An early-stage appointment allows bad habits to be corrected quicker than if an issue was found at a later date. This also creates an opportunity for a positive experience in the orthodontic chair to be made, as starting early often puts all parties at ease.

Keep the following three signs of trouble in mind during the early stages:

  • Crowded or blocked teeth: Crowding of the teeth can make it hard to clean food or plaque away. It can also make it harder for teeth to grow in at the right angle, or fit into their correct spaces, creating bigger issues as development continues.
  • Loss of baby teeth too early or too late: The loss of baby teeth at incorrect life stages can make it hard for the teeth to grow in correctly.
  • Thumb sucking: Thumb sucking can cause issues in terms of teeth alignment and the roof of the mouth. If your child sucks their thumb, orthodontic treatment may be necessary to correct any issues that occur.

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