At KidsBracesNYC, we understand that trips to the orthodontist or dentist are not always the most eagerly anticipated by children. But having your children's orthodontic development and needs examined at young age – ideally beginning at age seven – allows us to correct any potential issues long before they become problems.

Easing your child's fears of orthodontist visits can also help us work together in creating the most effective plan of treatment. 

Here are some tips to follow prior to an orthodontist appointment:

Keep it simple: While it is important to have a dialogue with your child before the visit, try to keep it simple and limit the amount of details you provide. If your child has more complex questions, make sure he or she has time to speak to the orthodontist directly. By meeting beforehand and establishing a rapport with their orthodontist, children will be less nervous. Pediatric orthodontists are "trained to describe things to children in a non-threatening way and in easy-to-understand language," WebMD affirms

Don't share unpleasant orthodontist or dental experiences: You may want to make the effort to relate to your child, which can be beneficial in easing fears, but try to refrain from sharing unpleasant experiences at the orthodontist, which have the opposite effect of feeding that anxiety.  

Emphasize the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and gums: Visiting the orthodontist, just like brushing one's teeth daily and regularly seeing a dentist, are key to overall health. Make sure that your child knows they play a important role in this process through practicing good orthodontic habits and dental hygiene.

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