Although kids may love junk food, sugary drinks, chocolates and other processed treats, they certainly don't love them. In recent years, both dentists and orthodontists have seen an uptick in the number of children suffering from oral health issues and diseases, especially those younger in age.

According to the 2014 statistics from Australia's Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne, of the 1,000 minors who underwent tooth removal surgeries, close to 200 were under the age of three. Parents across the globe are concerned with the statistics though, as the findings seem to be echoed in the U.S. as well. With a newfound sense of knowledge and an understanding of the importance of oral health, parents are making changes for their children. 

If your child wears braces, avoiding certain foods and even food groups is just as vital. Keep the following things in mind for optimal oral health practices:

  • Avoid candies and desserts: Kids love sweets, but these candies can become stuck within the braces, especially for those fitted with metal fixtures. Many types of candy are heavily processed with sugars, which are also known to stick to the teeth and gums causing decay.
  • Dried fruits: Though these may seem like a healthy alternative, dried fruits may be loaded with sugars that are known to stick to the surface of the teeth and gums. Instead of packing these in your child's lunchbox, go for fresh fruit such as soft pineapple or strawberries for a healthy snack.
  • Practice optimal oral health: Ensure your child is brushing and flossing properly, as well as using a child-friendly mouthwash. Starting a proper routine early in life can make all the difference.

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