As we've emphasized on this blog, good dental habits begin at a young age. But sometimes our best efforts fall short when it comes to ensuring the health of our children's teeth. Here are some tips from Health Day News for preventing cavities and keeping your children's teeth healthy:

  • After feeding infants, use a soft cloth to clean their gums. Avoid having infants and toddlers sleep with bottles of milk or juice. Don't dip a pacifier in honey or other types of sweeteners.
  • Don't let children snack all day. "Even the most healthy snacks can leave residue that feeds tooth-rotting bacteria," the source says. "If you do give children snacks, it should be fresh fruit or other whole foods, instead of packaged or sticky foods such as gummy bears, fruit roll-ups or dried fruit."
  • Opt for water instead of fruit juice. Due to its high sugar content, juice can be as bad for teeth as soda.
  • Have children brush their teeth with a small amount of fluoride toothpaste. While the age that children start brushing their teeth varies, it is a good idea to start early. Children should begin flossing when they have two teeth that touch.

By following these tips, you help your children keep their teeth healthy. Part of a good dental routine involves seeing a dentist and orthodontist regularly. The American Association of Orthodontists (ADA) recommends that your child has an orthodontic appointment before their seventh birthday.

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