Aging is a fact of life, one that many parents begin to realize as their own children become pre-teens and young adults. During this time, many changes take place, especially in terms of the body. This transition is often marked by changes in the mouth as well, as many during this time are fitted with braces and other forms of aid that shift the teeth into their proper place.

Appearances are important, especially for self-esteem. A crooked smile or crowded teeth can impact the self-confidence of your pre-teen, more so during this time than any other.

How can you ensure your pre-teen understands the importance of oral healthcare? Keep the following four tips in mind:

  • Begin on their level: Young adolescents seem to be attached to their phones and social media accounts. Tap into this level of obsession with a handy phone application. There are many available for downloading that track oral health and information on braces, such as changing aligners. 
  • Do it together: It can be hard to connect with your child, especially during this time. Create a nightly routine you can both share together that includes teeth brushing and even talking about the events of the day.
  • Pay attention to changes: During this age, your child may pull away a bit, but it's important to be involved in their health regardless. Some don't want to be fitted with braces or other forms of treatment because of their appearance, but there are forms available that are less noticeable than others.
  • Schedule an orthodontic appointment: Your child may have seen an orthodontist early on in life, but scheduling another appointment during this time is also a great idea. For some patients. early treatment isn't necessary, but taking steps toward it later in life may be.

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