Although many parents focus on the general health of their kids, such as pediatrician appointments or something as simple as a knee scrape, the mouth is also an important factor to keep in mind. Kids grow up fast, and oral issues can develop just as quickly. By scheduling dentist and orthodontist appointments early on, problems can be remedied efficiency.

As a parent, what changes in your child's mouth should you be most aware of? Some of the most common problems known to affect kids include:

Cross bite

A cross bite occurs when the upper teeth on one side of the mouth fall into the teeth on the lower rows. This can be most often seen when a child closes their mouth. If not corrected, it will lead to shifting in the jaw's alignment. As with many orthodontic issues, it is best to correct early on in life. Left as is, it will only worsen with time.

Crowded lower arch

Permanent teeth cannot develop properly if crowding takes place in the mouth. By pushing teeth into their correct placement, the rows will fill in as needed and your child will be both more comfortable and ready to continue growing.

Deep bite

A deep bite occurs when the teeth become misaligned, forcing the top teeth to cover the bottom teeth so they become invisible when the mouth is closed. It's vital that this issue is fixed, as left alone, it will cause the lower jaw to develop incorrectly. This can cause serious issues later in life. Treatment for a deep bite is most often completed with the use of a retainer or a fitting of braces.

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