Kids grow up fast! As the days pass into weeks and months, be sure you're keeping a keen eye on their health and wellness. Many parents focus on a child's outward health and appearance, with the teeth becoming an afterthought for some. It's important though, to ensure that a well-rounded healthy lifestyle is maintained, especially during the younger years.

In a previous article, we highlighted three major issues that can affect a child's mouth. These included a cross bite, crowded lower arch and deep bite. If left uncorrected, all three of these problems can cause serious adverse outcomes in the future.

What other issues can hinder the development and health of your child?

Open bite:

Different from a deep bite, an open bite occurs when your child sucks his or her thumb, is too dependent on a pacifier or puts other items inside the mouth. Sucking the thumb can cause no overlap to develop between the top and bottom rows of teeth, crushing the teeth together in an uncomfortable manner. Treatment can often only be completed with success when a child no longer sucks his or her thumb.


As baby teeth are lost and adult teeth take their place, alignment of the teeth rows can fall out of place. For some children, this can cause issues in adult teeth developing correctly or appearing at all. Early intervention is best when this takes place. Spacing of the teeth, no matter the location, is essential for overall growth.

Under bite:

An under bite occurs when the teeth are misaligned so that the top teeth are forced to sit behind the bottom teeth. If this is not corrected for an extended period of time, it will become more difficult to fix. It may also result in delayed jaw development.

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