We all want our kids to be happy and healthy. That's why we encourage them to join groups, teams, excel in school and keep that every-six-months check-up date.

One key component of a child's overall health is their dental and oral hygiene. While most parents take their child to the family dentist for regular appointments, many don't consider an orthodontist appointment until early-to-late adolescence.

But according to many professional orthodontists, by age seven, most kids have lost enough of their baby teeth and developed most of their adult teeth to warrant a visit. This early-stage evaluation can help dentists and orthodontists to understand the relationship between teeth, jaw and bite. It will allow them to get an early idea of whether your child will eventually need braces, and right any prominent issues before they develop into bigger problems.

Some indicators that it might be time to bring your child for a visit are abnormally early or late loss of baby teeth, difficulty chewing and biting, thumb sucking, speech difficulties and crowding or misplacement of teeth, according to Georgette Gilmore of Barista Kids.

There a number of benefits of scheduling an early appointment for your kids to see an orthodontist. Not only does it get them extra comfortable with having a doctor inspect their teeth, but it gives you some time to figure out the necessities of your child's dental situation and financing related to whatever issues may arise in the future.

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