Making a life change can be hard at times, especially when it comes to your children. Oral health is changing though, and the importance being placed on healthy teeth continues to grow. How can you begin to make a change in your child's health and overall lifestyle without scaring him or her into thinking there is a serious issue at hand?

Baby steps are key and can be achieved with the following four tips in mind:

  1. Brush and floss at least twice a day: The amount of times your child actually brushes his or her teeth should sit at an even two, once at night and once in the morning. In between these times, it may be best to brush again after sticky foods are consumed or meals are finished. Brushing regularly prevents decay as well as periodontal diseases.
  2. Change out toothbrushes: Ensure your child is using a soft-bristled brush, one that isn't too hard on teeth, but does enough to remove the grime and buildup. Change toothbrushes regularly for cleanliness as well.
  3. Check teeth regularly for any apparent issues: An oral issue can occur as fast as chipping a tooth or crowding causing issues. By brushing daily, kids will have a better understanding of their mouth, enabling them to notice issues before they become larger than they should.
  4. Schedule orthodontist appointments: Schedule an appointment with a trusted and experienced orthodontist for peace of mind that your child's oral health is sound. By doing so, your child will be able to undergo any necessary treatment in a better timeframe than before.

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