It's an unfortunate fact of life that children are bullied. What a kid wears, the way they speak and even activities that they like to participate in can be the source of jokes. Physical features — especially crooked teeth — can sometimes result in bullying, but fortunately, issues like these can be changed.

"A person's smile is very important in communication and interpersonal relations," Dr. Robert Varner, president of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) said to Yuma News Now, an Arizona Media outlet. "Our teeth are visible, so when they are poorly aligned, this can be an easy target for teasing or bullying. Parents often confide that their child is being 'teased' about the appearance of his or her teeth."

Dr. Varner suggested that parents do the following to help their children:

  • Find photos of celebrities when they were teenagers. You'll find that many of these individuals had gaps or crooked teeth when they were younger and still turned out to be successful. 
  • Let kids know that teeth continue to grow and change throughout childhood and their looks and smile may be different just a few months from now.
  • Make an appointment with an orthodontist who can check for abnormalities. Sometimes problems are more related to the jaw than teeth. An orthodontist may also be able to offer computer imaging that shows how your child may look after undergoing orthodontic treatment.

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