Each year, many teenagers and their parents come to our Upper East Side office seeking a discrete, less visible, solution to traditional braces. One of these options is Teen Invisalign. In addition to being virtually invisible, Invisalign is often a more comfortable and easier treatment alternative to braces.

Here are some of the specific advantages of Invisalign compared to standard braces:

  • Clear aligners, which are nearly invisible
  • Smooth comfortable plastic aligners, fitted to your teeth
  • Aligners are easy to remove for cleaning, making brushing and flossing simpler
  • Eat whatever you want, unlike traditional braces which involve food restrictions.

Since the period between the ages of six and 19 is especially critical to jaw growth and ensuring optimal facial aesthetics, it is important that you schedule an appointment for your child to ensure that their teeth is coming into proper alignment — and if not, what can be done to get them back on track. 

KidsBracesNYC is an Upper East Side pediatric orthodontic practice that works with young children to develop the right plan of treatment and healthy dental hygiene habits for the long-run. If you are a new patient, your child will meet with our pediatric specialist, Dr. Tanya Vaysman. After conducting an initial evaluation of your child's orthodontic health, Dr. Vaysman will have a baseline assessment, and start working to create a plan to develop a healthy smile for your child as well as correct any potential issues.

Located on the corner of 87th Street and Lexington Avenue, KidsBracesNYC offers traditional, invisible, Teen Invisalign and iBraces lingual braces. Call us at (866) 222-3166, or complete an appointment request form on our website.