Given the fact that some dental problems are easier to treat early, interceptive orthodontic treatment can be beneficial for your child. The key part of interceptive orthodontic treatment is spotting and correcting problems early. By taking this proactive approach, it is possible to prevent more severe problems from occurring later on.

By age seven, most of your child's permanent teeth will have come in. At this point, a pediatric orthodontic specialist is able to diagnose any problems as well as work with you in establishing a plan for treatment. 

There are many benefits to early treatment. These include:

  • Coming up with a better prognosis for the development of permanent teeth
  • Correcting bite problems, including open bites, cross bites or deep bites
  • Preventing more serious dental problems in the future
  • Improving your child or teen's self-confidence and self-esteem

Working with an experienced pediatric orthodontist allows you to spot and correct problems early. 

KidsBracesNYC is a premier Pediatric Orthodontic practice for discerning Upper East Side parents looking for the most attentive care for their young children and teenagers. As a new patient to our practice, our pediatric orthodontic specialist, Dr. Tanya Vaysman, will conduct an initial evaluation of your child's dental health. Once we have developed a baseline assessment, we'll work with you in developing a plan that works for everyone to develop a healthy smile for your child and nip any potential dental issues in the bud.

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