Although your child may be nervous about their first orthodontic appointment, they don't have to be. Kids are naturally curious, but when it comes to doctor's offices or orthodontist chairs, kids can get scared easily, especially if they don't understand why they are there or what will happen.

At KidsBracesNYC, we take the time and initiative to get to know our patients, as well as ensure they are comfortable and happy each visit. Giving parents information beforehand to calm both themselves and their kids is a great way to begin the treatment process.

Before your initial visit, there are a few questions to ask your child. These include:

  • Are you ready to do treatment now?
  • Do you think you need treatment? Does anything in your mouth hurt or feel uncomfortable?
  • What are some of the treatment options you may prefer, like Invisalign or metal braces?

For children that are first time visitors, sometimes treatment isn't needed right away. Instead, any prevalent issues will be watched and addressed at a later date. When this occurs, your son or daughter will be placed in our recall system so their progress can be monitored.

If treatment is necessary, diagnostic records will be taken so a solid understanding of the issue can be made before the actual treatment begins. These include impressions of the teeth, photographs of the face and teeth, as well as two special radiographs.

This takes about 30 minutes to complete and can generally be completed during your first visit. 

When it comes to oral treatment for your children, being proactive is always the best form of action. Visit our website to learn more.