Orthodontia is much more than just braces or surgical fixes. In fact, there are a number of relatively simple things that our pediatric specialists can do to help your little one's teeth come into place and stay where they ought to be for the long term.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is with a retainer. If you have ever sat in a school cafeteria, chances are that you have seen a kid take out their retainer and stow it carefully in its case while they munch away on some tooth-healthy treats. But why do they need this treatment, and what can it do?

A retainer is a plastic or metal piece that is customized for each patient to fit around the top of the teeth and sit comfortably in the mouth. As a result, no two retainers are identical, though they are commonly used, especially among teens.

Most people who have braces have to wear a retainer, at least for a short while during their treatment. Usually, it is after they get their braces off, when teeth have a tendency to move around and fall out of their new alignment. In other cases, retainers can be used for treating speech problems, solving medical issues and reducing or closing small gaps between teeth.

Even with the idea of a retainer being relatively easy to grasp, many kids will still wonder why they have to wear it at all times. To learn why they should be vigilant about using their retainer properly and according to the treatment plan set by their orthodontist, be sure to stay tuned to this blog.

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