For most adults, grinding their teeth is the result of stress or other day-to-day emotions that their body works out at night. But kids can — and do — grind their teeth too!

Bruxism, the act of grinding or clenching your teeth, is an issue that many pediatric orthodontists have to deal with. While it usually happens at night, it is possible for tooth grinding to occur during the day as well. When you check on your kiddo at night, you may notice their jaws moving or even hear that they are grinding their teeth. Most of the time, kids are unaware that they're even doing it, but may still show the resulting signs of soreness.

While most cases of bruxism tend to be relatively mild and won't cause long-term damage, more extreme cases can result in a wearing down of tooth enamel and create problems with the function and comfort of the jaw. But, again, this is something that happens over time and your kids won't usually experience the full effect of this until adulthood.

Chances are, that as your children grow older, they will eventually grow out of grinding your teeth, but until that happens, there are a few things that a pediatric orthodontic specialist can do to alleviate some of the stress. If you notice your child grinding their teeth, it is best to have them examined by an orthodontist to determine if they need a fitted mouth guard. One of the primary causes for grinding is a misaligned bite, which can be corrected with spacers, elastics and strategically placed braces.

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