As a parent, it can be hard to determine exactly what is ailing your child, especially when they are younger. Often, children will say something hurts but not exactly pinpoint where, or how or for how long.

In other instances, a child says nothing at all, but a parent's intuition often knows best. Keep the following signs in mind when determining if something is amiss, in terms of your child's sleeping pattern and overall rest.

  • Bruxism: Also known as the involuntary or habitual grinding of the teeth, bruxism can cause serious issues in the mouth if not taken care of. Often, a person has no idea they suffer from bruxism. Some common effects of this include soreness of the jaw, headaches, and severe damage to the teeth. Some forms of bruxism can occur during the day, such as clenching the jaw. It can also cause other sleep-related issues such as snoring and pauses in breathing.
  • Cracked edges of the lips: If your child already braces, or wears a retainer, be sure to keep an eye on the edges of their mouth. Drooling in their sleep or wearing a retainer at night can cause bacteria to accumulate around the mouth and cause infections.
  • Malocclusion: Also known as having misalignment of the teeth, this can cause teeth to rub against one another, and create a tenderness of the gums. In addition, it can cause snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome and sleep apnea.

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