Recently, we began to talk about some of the leading sugary treats found in holiday dishes that could threaten the integrity of your kids teeth, especially if they wear braces. While they may seem like minor ingredients, each of them can be extremely detrimental to your child's dental health and the effectiveness of their orthodontic work. 

Here are a few items that you might not want your kids around, especially when they're so prevalent during the holiday season: 

Croutons - These crispy add-ons may seem harmless, but their crunch and texture can actually make them detrimental to your kid's braces. Croutons easily break into pieces, which can wedge between brackets and potentially cause breakage.

Gummy Bears – Along with other chewy and sugary items like jelly beans, jujubes and licorice, these treats are already not ideal for either your or your children's teeth because of their sugary qualities. But they can also easily get stuck in between teeth or brackets, damaging braces. Around the holidays, grandparents love to put dishes of these treats out, so be sure to monitor the kids as they roam around the house.

Ice cubes – Ice cubes are probably the hardest item on this list to avoid around the holidays. If you kiddos are enjoying a refreshing drink, chances are that they could be tempted to munch on the ice at the bottom. Be sure to remind them that ice can cause breakage or more gradual wear and tear on braces, which would certainly put a damper on their holidays.

When it comes to making sure your kids are as healthy as possible, proper dental and orthodontic care is key. For more information on how our pediatric orthodontists can help your children, or to schedule their first orthodontic appointment, contact KidsBracesNYC today!