Around the holidays, kids tend to get worked up and excited in anticipation of family gatherings, gifts and all the fun that goes on during this time of year. With all the eagerness and confusion, it is easy for these little ones to munch on some stuff that they probably shouldn't – especially if they are wearing braces or some other orthodontic work.

While it can be tempting to indulge in tasty treats throughout the season, there are a few choice items that young braces wearers should absolutely avoid during the holidays.

If you have little ones with braces, here are a few snacks that you should be sure are off the table around this time of year, as they can be especially tempting:

Caramels - Chewing gum can be detrimental for kids who wear spacers or braces as the sticky pieces can get caught in the nooks and crannies. Like gum, caramel has a tendency to work its way in between teeth, brackets and wires and has the potential to cause breaks or general wear and tear. It also tends to make them harder to clean and more prone to plaque.

Chocolate Chips - They are found in most every dessert around this time of year. They tend to melt quickly and get stuck in between teeth and molars, which can lead to difficulty brushing and cleaning as well as plaque build-up. If you are trying to keep kids' teeth and jaws healthy and strong, you should try to avoid letting them eat these treats.

For more snacks to avoid this year, be sure to stay tuned to the blog. To schedule an orthodontic appointment for your kids, contact our pediatric specialists today!