At KidsBracesNYC, we take your child's orthodontic care seriously. The earlier that you are able to have your child's dental development examined, the better our professionals are able to correct any potential issues, as well as create plans that can effectively map out for you and your little one how to best take care of teeth, gums and jawline.

Most orthodontic specialists agree that age seven is the best time for children to have their first appointment because it allows professionals to take a baseline assessment and follow their progress of development from there.

But what should parents and kids expect from this initial consultation appointment? Here are a few things that you can count on happening:

Examination: On your first visit, the primary purpose will be to get an initial look at your child's teeth, see which ones are developing strongly and which may need some coaxing into place. This first look will set an initial assessment on which your child's orthodontic plan can be built.

Diagnosis: Following this examination, our pediatric orthodontists will create a patient-catered plan for your little one that can be implemented over the course of several years. Depending on how developed their teeth already are, this may include palette expanders, braces or other corrective measures. It also may take more of a wait and see approach depending on certain signs of potential issues down the road.

At the end of the day, we want kids to grow up and be happy to show off their smile, which is why we work to develop specific treatment programs that best fit their needs. To learn more about the process, or to talk with one of our pediatric orthodontists, schedule an appointment today!