Oral health is an important part of an overall healthy lifestyle, especially for teenagers. Although the mouth may be overlooked during the adolescent years due to other body changes, it should never be completely ignored. 

There are many reasons why your teenager may need to undergo orthodontic treatment. These include an overbite, underbite, crooked and crowded teeth or an overlapping smile. As every patient is different, these can affect each mouth in a different way, causing a range of issues to occur. 

Although some may view orthodontic treatment as a cosmetic procedure, it has lasting effects that can prevent or alleviate certain health issues in the future, especially beginning from a young age.

Taking steps toward better orthodontic health early on has a host of benefits including decreasing the chance of wear and tear on the teeth, making it easier to clean the teeth and preventing tooth decay. In addition, having a lifetime of good orthodontic habits can reduce the likelihood of gum disease later on in life, as well as eliminating any speaking or chewing issues that can occur otherwise.

If left untreated, even the smallest oral issues can become extensive, as well as expensive, costing more than early treatment would and causing more pain than necessary.

In addition to its numerous health benefits, undergoing orthodontic treatment as a teenager can also boost self-esteem, something that can be easily affected during this time.

There are many types of treatment available for your son or daughter to choose from. These include traditional metal braces, Invisalign and clear orthodontic braces. Schedule an appointment with pediatric orthodontist Dr. Tanya Vaysman to learn more, or visit our website