Bringing your child to an annual orthodontic appointment is a vital part of their overall health and wellness. During this checkup, your child will be evaluated for a series of risks and changes that may develop over the years. Often, early preventative treatment is the best course for future treatment.

Keep the following three common issues in mind that may appear during your child's next checkup. Remember, this is not an exhaustive list, and any other issues that may occur should be treated accordingly. 

  • Crowding: Crowding of the teeth can create serious issues later on in life. Teeth that may grow out of place can take the spot that another tooth needs, which results in pushing each row out of place. In addition, extra growth of teeth may also cause problems. As your child's jaw is small during these first few visits, his or her mouth can easily become overrun with extra teeth, resulting in pain and issues in the future.
  • Missing teeth: Although missing teeth may not seem like an issue when it comes to orthodontics, it is. If baby teeth are lost early on and other teeth do not grow in, the hole left in the mouth can become infected or inflamed, which can then be transferred to the gums as well. 
  • Size and shape of teeth: Abnormal size and shape of teeth can also cause crowding in the mouth. Crowding or spacing issues of the mouth have been known to alter the growth of the jaw, creating greater issues than before. 

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