Braces can make the task of keeping one's teeth clean more challenging, but KidsHealth offers some useful tips for children and their parents.

  • Brush regularly and floss daily: "Brushing after meals is essential, as is daily flossing (the orthodontist can give your child a special flosser to use in and around braces). Regular dental cleanings and checkups to look for cavities are also a must," the source says.
  • Avoid foods that could damage braces: Certain foods, in particular popcorn, hard and sticky candy and gum, should be avoided as they can damage teeth. You should also encourage your child to limit his or her intake of soda and sweetened beverages since they are both causes of tooth decay. If your child has clear plastic aligners, have them remove these before meals.
  • Schedule regular appointments with your orthodontist: KidsHealth also affirms the importance of regularly visiting the orthodontist, particularly if your child has a loose wire or bracket, or has a wire that is poking his or her mouth and causing discomfort. If your orthodontist doesn't discover any specific problems, but your child is still experiencing discomfort, you can have them use soft wax to serve as a buffer between sharp points on the braces and the mouth or gums.

By having your child continue to practice good dental hygiene while they have braces, you can ensure that their teeth and gums remain healthy and in the best shape possible. 

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