As children grow and develop into young adults, not only do their bodies change, their mouths undergo many changes as well. Parents should be aware of these changes and any potential health issues that can occur as a result. Many of these can affect overall oral health and should be addressed as soon as they are discovered, in order to minimize any possible lasting effects. 

Some of the most common orthodontic issues seen in children include:

  • Cross bite: When the upper teeth located on one side of the mouth fall into the lower teeth on the same side, this is known as a cross bite. As with many oral health issues in children, this should be corrected as soon as possible, as it is more difficult to correct later in life.
  • Crowded lower arch: Crowded teeth can cause numerous problems when permanent teeth begin to develop and attempt to align correctly. 
  • Deep bite: A deep bite occurs when the misalignment of the top teeth completely cover the bottom teeth, rendering the bottom teeth invisible when the mouth is closed. It is a common occurrence but it's important to fix this early on, as it can impede the jaw from growing to its full potential.
  • Front teeth spacing: As baby teeth are lost, new teeth grow in their place. Sometimes these new teeth can shift out of alignment, making it hard for other teeth to develop as well. Early intervention is often needed to fix the issue. 

Understanding these signs as they emerge can help avoid more severe problems for your child in the future. 

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