x_0_0_0_14107625_300Orthodontic procedures are a necessary part of maintaining a healthy jaw and gums, and because of advancements in dental technology, it is possible for everyone to have a beautiful smile. But many people are often put off from undergoing quality treatment because of the cost. Here at KidsBracesNYC , we understand the concern, and our New York orthodontists work hard to offer the most affordable and convenient payment options to our patients.

Automatic bank draft: The hustle and bustle of New York can oftentimes cause even the most organized of us to lose track of bills that need paying. Authorizing our office to conduct automatic withdrawals from your checking account on a monthly basis will eliminate the need to write a check, and will remove interest charges you might incur because of late payments.

Cash, Checks and Credit Cards: You can pay with cash, check or credit card. We honor MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Dental Insurance: If you have dental insurance, bring your card to your first appointment so we can have it on record. We can give you an estimate of the cost out of pocket going forward, and we will even call your insurance company to determine what they will cover for you. Our office cares deeply about each of our patients, which is why we work to make sure that your braces don’t become too expensive. As a part of that mission, we will submit all of your claims and help you to get reimbursed for expenses.

Orthodontic Fee Plan: One of the easiest ways to afford your dental costs is to use a payment plan like the one we offer here at KidsBracesNYC, CareCredit. This plan makes it easier to afford expenses that are not covered by insurance. Monthly payments are low, and can be stretched out across 64 months or less.

Pay In Full: Paying in full will result in 3 to 5 percent savings on the cost of your procedure.

Pay over time: When you elect to pay over time, you pay a minimum down payment and then the rest of the cost over the course of the treatment. There is no interest charged as long as payments are made on time.