Kids grow up all too fast, and before long, they are flashing gap-toothed smiles and showing off their loss of baby teeth. While there are few things cuter than your little one’s imperfect smile, moms and dads should also be thinking about how to protect their child’s incoming adult teeth from damage. Dental care starts at home with routine brushings and regular checkups with your dentist, but for advanced preventative care, you may want to bring your child to a professional who specializes in pediatric orthodontics, like Dr. Tanya Vaysman of KidsBracesNYC.

Dr. Vaysman, who has received industry acclaim for her work, works specifically with children and parents to teach them best practices for caring for young and developing teeth, as well as preventing lifelong problems associated with improper dental care like eating and speaking issues.

When should my child’s first visit be?

When it comes to creating a plan for your child’s dental development, it is important that we get started early. Knowing whether they will need braces or other orthodontic care before they hit double digits gives everyone an opportunity to weigh the options and agree on the best course of action.

We recommend that children come for their initial visit not long after their seventh birthday. At this age, we are able to pick up on bite and jaw subtleties and see the progress of developing teeth. An early-stage appointment with Dr. Vaysman will give her the ability to monitor jaw growth, correct bad habits, move permanent teeth to better positioning and develop a rapport with patients and families for a positive experience in the office.

How do I know if my child needs treatment?

No one knows your child better than you, which is why it is important that you are aware of some of the major reasons for why you may want to schedule an orthodontic appointment. If your child has demonstrated or exhibited any of the following, it may be wise to make a preliminary appointment with Dr. Vaysman:

  • Breathes with his or her mouth open
  • Crowded or blocked teeth
  • Difficulty chewing or biting
  • Jaw is out of proportion to the face
  • Jaw shifts or make noises
  • Lost baby teeth uncharacteristically early or late
  • Teeth don’t touch or meet in in the wrong spot
  • They suck their thumb or finger.
  • When will treatment begin?
  • Every child is different, but generally, we recommend that children begin their orthodontic treatment between nine and 14 years old. While nine-years​-old may seem early, problems that need correcting are easier to pick up on before your child is 14.

If you would like to learn more about scheduling an appointment for orthodontic evaluation of your son or daughter, contact KidsBracesNYC today. We look forward to meeting you!