Recently, we began to talk about the reasons that your kiddo may need to use a retainer to keep their teeth in place. But how do those little metal mouthpieces actually work, and what do you as a parent need to know before investing?

The short answer is: yes, they really work. The most common reason kids need to wear braces is to keep their teeth in place after having their braces taken off. This is because as the body grows, teeth shift around, which can often undo a lot of the progress made by braces. Retainers help to moderate the shifting that occurs naturally, and reduce the impact that minor shifts have on surrounding teeth.

In order to be fitted for a retainer, an orthodontist will have to examine your child, measure their mouth and tooth placement and plan a build around those factors. Then, they will tell you when and for how long your child will have to wear their retainer in order to maintain healthy teeth. In some cases, this will need to be worn during the day, while in other cases, kids are able to wear their retainer only at night.

Because retainers are intended to keep teeth in place, and remove the risk of them moving too much, certain teeth may feel pressure throughout the day more so than others. But this soreness or discomfort will only last a couple of days before their teeth correct and heal.

To learn more about how to teach your child to care for their retainer, or if you're wondering whether or not they may need braces, stay tuned to this blog and schedule an appointment with our pediatric orthodontists at KidsBracesNYC today!